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A few years ago I had the opportunity to cruise the Atlantic side of Nova Scotia on Bee Weems, a Zimmerman 36, thanks to the generosity of her owners, Peter and Cathie Trogdon of Weems and Plath. The itinerary included Lunenburg, near the shipyard where the famous Bluenose schooner had been built. As a boat builder, visiting that yard was a bit of a pilgrimage for me. Surrounded by wonderful cruising boats of all shapes and descriptions, late in the afternoon one boat came in that stopped me in my tracks.

Shipyard where the Bluenose schooner was built

Shipyard where the Bluenose schooner was built

That boat, about a 32’ sailboat, looked like it hadn’t had a lick of maintenance in 20 years. The paint and varnish were in terrible shape, the sails were old but still serviceable, and they probably had a lead line for a depth sounder. Within five minutes of tying up, a family of four emerged. They quickly plunked a couple of aluminum folding chairs on the dock and set out a cooler. Mom had a book, Dad had a beer, and the kids were off exploring the shoreline.

As I watched this scene unfold, I was struck by this simple observation: it didn’t matter what kind of boat they had, or what it looked like, they were cruising Nova Scotia, and having a good time doing it. They were living their dream and that is what this boating thing is all about.

As a boatyard, our job is to help you live your dream on the water. For some people that means a 20’ center console catching rockfish in December, for others it might be taking a 60’ trawler to South America, or sailing a 44’ ketch to Norway. It doesn’t matter to us – what matters is getting to know you and your boat, and helping you live your dream. And in doing that, I have been able to live out my dream, a career spanning more than three decades spent building and repairing all kinds of boats for one kind of person – people who value a job well done.

Steve Zimmerman
Zimmerman Marine Inc.