How It Works

Yacht Purchase Support Services

We offer a radically different boat buying experience.

Zimmerman Marine will represent your interests throughout the purchase process. We are not here to sell you a boat - we are here to help you find the right boat for your situation. Steve Zimmerman will meet with you to learn about your cruising plans, your experience, your preferences, and will prepare a cruising profile for your review. The next step will be online searches, with recommendations based on the information gathered in the initial meeting.

Once the online searching has helped define a list of possible boats, we will begin to look at individual boats. Steve will preview any serious candidates, including a "pre-survey" to avoid wasting your time and money on a boat that does not warrant a contract offer.

Here are the services included in our process:

  1. Assistance in determining the right type of boat for your intended use, then finding likely candidates for purchase, including information about the design and construction.
  2. Pre-assessment of boats identified as candidates for purchase
  3. Negotiate on your behalf with the seller’s broker so that you don’t pay more than the market price for any boat.
  4. Organize pre-purchase general survey and engine/genset surveys, including finding highly qualified service providers.
  5. Review findings with buyer, make recommendations, and provide estimates for repair and modification costs.
  6. One year Post Purchase Limited Warranty for problems not identified during survey and inspections
  7. Credit toward any service work performed by ZMI within 12 months of the purchase date, equal to 20% of the fee
  8. One year of free 24/7 telephone Technical Support Plan, whether needing help with a system failure while cruising, or wanting advice regarding repairs at another boat yard.