For Sellers and Brokers

Yacht Purchase Support Services

Our program is designed so that the net proceeds to the seller and listing broker are not reduced - please call us to find out more. Our approach is not geared toward finding every possible flaw and condemning every boat we inspect. Although finding problems is a necessary part of the process, it is equally important to put those finding into context for the buyer. Are the findings what can be expected for a vessel of this age or price? How many of the items have to be corrected, and which ones can be left alone? What would it cost to repair the ones that need attention? Coming up with a list of ABYC “violations” doesn’t mean the boat is unsafe or should not be purchased.

In fact, when problems are found (and there are always some), it has been our experience that buyers are often scared off by the prospect of depending on a yard they don’t know to correct the problems. By working from the outset with a boatyard they trust, these concerns can often be overcome, and the sale of the boat becomes more likely.