Paul Hilton

Grady White 22

Paul Hilton, from Southwest Virginia, moved to Richmond early in his career. With Deltaville as one of his service territories, he soon discovered the Chesapeake Bay. He “adapted from mountains to water with no problem”, and had been boating ever since.

The Boat: 

“I kept moving up in size, but then I found that I wanted something easy to take out for quick trips, and for those nice days that come up in January and February, so I bought this Grady White 22” center console”.

Favorite Cruising Destination: 

“I’m a hard-core fisherman, so when I go out it’s mainly to fish. I’ll go out in almost any weather, and like to get where I’m going quickly so that I can start fishing. Summers, I like the “Cell”, a reef on the Eastern Shore. It’s great flounder fishing. Winters, I go after Rockfish, and for those I need to be able to cover a lot of territory, and my boat needs to be able to handle whatever the Bay throws at it.”

Reason for Boatyard Stop: 

“I had the bottom de-waxed, sanded, barrier-coated, and then painted. I wanted to lay the proper foundation for future years with this boat.”

Why Zimmerman Marine?: 

“I’ve been bringing my boats to Norview Marina for years and have had good service. This was my first experience with ZMI at Norview and I am well pleased with the way I was treated. It’s clear that they pay attention to detail and the price was reasonable for the service I got.”