Out With The Old (Engines) In With Two New Yanmars

Posted: Feb 15, 2018

New customers Ron and Linda Jones purchased "Escape" from its original owners a couple of years before they retired. The main issue then was high engine hours. When purchased the engines were at 4000 hours. Despite the engine hours the couple determined this was the right boat for them.

They began, and continue to refit the the boat to their liking, replacing nearly every major component as well as adding several new ones, generator, inverter-charger, batteries, Vacuflush system, new galley range, washer-dryer, windlass, electronics and more.

Since the refit they have managed a three month cruise from their home base on Virginia's Eastern Shore north to Provincetown, as well as three - eight month winter cruises to the Bahamas which have added an additional 2000 hours to the engines. It became apparent that the last component of the refit was the engines.

Zimmerman Marine evaluated the engines before the couple's planned winter cruise and determined the engines needed to be overhauled or replaced before another trip south. There were compression issues as well as an oil leak. Fortunately the transmissions were rated for a much higher horsepower and exhibited virtually no signs of wear, which meant only the engines needed to be replaced, saving the couple a good deal of money.

The refit went smoothly from the start when the old engines were removed with the expandable forklift and an experienced team of techs. The clearance getting the engines in and out was minimal and it could have been a tense time for Ron who was looking on. It was clear the team knew exactly what they were doing. The engines never touched any other part of the boat until they were replaced back on the engine pans.

The engine refit is complete. Escape was returned to the water for the trial run which revealed the engines ran great. Some modifications to the props is required as expected.

Ron and Linda plan to cruise to the Bahamas and warmer temperatures. They will be breaking in two new Yanmar 4JH110 along the way.

Happy Cruising Ron and Linda!

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