Basic Principles

ZMI's Compass

Zimmerman Marine helps boat owners enjoy time on the water by providing maintenance, modification, and repair services in ways that align with each customer’s unique boating style, personal preferences, and financial means. We provide these services in ways that provide value to our customers, meaningful jobs for our employees, and financial stability for our organization, within a framework of integrity and commitment.

For the past thirty five years, through all kinds of change, we have held steady to certain principles. When the principles are clear, people don't have to cling to policies, and have the freedom to adapt to each new situation. Here are the guidelines we follow at ZMI.

Steve Zimmerman, President

Five Principles of Customer Service

  1. Provide personal service, treating each customer and his or her boat with a sense of priority and uniqueness.
  2. Provide expert advice before, during, and after the work.
  3. Keep our customers informed. Provide them with options. Keep a close eye on progress and costs. A customer should never be surprised by a bill.
  4. Follow through on the details. Details separate excellence from mediocrity.
  5. Stand behind our work. Passage of time is not a reason to evade responsibility for an error. When in doubt, side with the customer. When we make a mistake, admit it and do our best to correct it as quickly as possible.

Three Principles of Workmanship

  1. Provide outstanding workmanship and high productivity.
  2. Complete the work on time.
  3. Return the boat cleaner than when it arrived.

Three Principles for all ZMI Business

  1. Listen first and make sure you understand the other person before you respond. Make sure the other person knows that you understand their point of view.
  2. Be brilliant in the basics. Good work, on time, clean boat, promises kept. Do those things exceptionally well and everything else will fall into place.
  3. Do all of the above with honesty and integrity.